Friday, May 01, 2015

REVIEW: So Gradually: A Pride & Prejudice Tale by Jessica Schlenker

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Book Blurb:

A much better summer for Darcy prevents the worst of the misunderstandings in Hertfordshire. This results in a fast, strong friendship between Elizabeth and Darcy. While in Kent, Darcy abruptly discovers that despite, considering Elizabeth only a friend, she has fallen in love with him.

The Review:

I have to say that this short story was enjoyable but it was way to short. I would have prefered the author had fleshed out the story a bit more. I liked the idea of the idea of Elizabeth being the one who was in love at first. It was a very original concept in the world of JAFF. Again I just wished she would have fleshed out the story a lot more. I'm sort of glad that I only read it on Kindle Unlimited and didn't shell out the money to buy this tale. 

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

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  1. It's a shame you felt it was too short, that always feels like a missed opportunity, doesn't it :(

    1. It does actually. She could have taken this story further than what she did.