Monday, June 29, 2015

REVIEW: Cowardly Witness by Ayr Bray

Book One of the Pemberley series

Book Blurb: Cowardly Witness simmers with secrets and suspense. Matthew Poe is the only witness in a case of murder and corruption in the lead mining industry. After an attempt is made on his life, he seeks refuge at Pemberley.
    Mr. Darcy, bound by honour and duty to his King and country, agrees to take him in, though his presence puts everyone at Pemberley in danger—including Darcy’s new bride, Elizabeth. 
    When Mr. Poe’s secret is revealed with disastrous consequences, will Darcy succeed in protecting his loved ones and the witness, or will he be forced to choose between family and honour? 

My Review: The Darcy's in this book are very devoted to each other even when they have to host a unknown man in their midst. Darcy tries his best to protect everyone at Pemberley even when it seems like the world is crumbling around his feet. Several things happen to threaten the safety of Pemberley, the first being that Mr Poe is there. The second is that Mr Poe sends for Mrs Poe even though he is supposed to be dead and that just sends off a chain of events that puts Georgiana in danger along with the Poe's when they decide to leave. But in the end all the villains are captured and there is a happy resolution.

I enjoyed this book which is odd since I'm not a really a big mystery fan at all. I loved how Darcy and Elizabeth support each other even though all this stuff is happening at Pemberley. I'm really eager to read about the Darcy daughter who was mentioned in the last paragraph of the book. The only thing though is that I would have loved for the book to be a bit longer. 

Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5


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