Saturday, July 18, 2015

REVIEW: Manga Classics Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and Stacy King

Book Blurb: Beloved by millions the world over, Pride & Prejudice is delightfully transformed in this bold, new manga adaptation. All of the joy, heartache, and romance of Jane Austen's original, perfectly illuminated by the sumptuous art of manga-ka Po Tse, and faithfully adapted by Stacy E. King.

My Review: This rendition of the classic Pride and Prejudice is displayed with very beautiful artwork. It keeps mostly to the main storyline of the original book. However I do have some nitpicking I need to do. The servants in this book call everybody Lord and Lady. Even family servants do this. I don't remember the Bennets, the Darcys or the Bingleys being part of the peerage. Do you? Elizabeth is out of character in this telling as she is very emotional. Mr. Collins acts more like a clown than anything else and he's not even drawn like any of the other characters at all. he has more of a cartoon appearance than anything.

Another thing is that Darcy calls Elizabeth by her christian name when he really shouldn't do that as they are not married. Jane sends Bingley letters when that wouldn't fly in the Regency period until they were engaged. Of course he doesn't get them as I believe Caroline was intercepting them. Oh the Hursts and Maria Lucas don't even exist in this version. At Rosings Elizabeth and Colonel Fitzwilliam take a walk in the snow (in April) but when she leaves a week later Jane is talking about how Lydia has been a brat all summer. There is something wrong with this picture. Several scenes that were in the original work were cut out to due to space constraints I guess. But there is a upside we get to see Darcy in a wet shirt once again.

I really did enjoy this version of the book. I would recommend reading the paperback version inside of the NetGalley digital version as you can actually read it more properly with the paperback. The book is read in the traditional manga way of reading it in reverse.

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


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