Friday, September 25, 2015

REVIEW: The Unthinkable Triangle by Joana Starnes

Book Blurb: All is fair in love and war – or is it? What if Mr. Darcy’s rival for Elizabeth Bennet’s hand and heart is not some inconsequential stranger, but his dearest, closest friend? How is he to reconcile the claims of loyalty and kinship with the urge to pursue his heart’s desire?

My Review: I went into this book a little apprehensive. I have read a few other stories where Colonel Fitzwilliam and Elizabeth briefly end up together but they have always left me feeling disappointed when Darcy and Lizzy get together. Not so with this book. The angst I felt when by almost the end they still weren't together just left my stomach in knots. Of course when they do get together everything just sort of falls into place very fast.

I like how the characters in the book felt very true to Miss Austen's versions of them and how they reacted to the situations they were put in felt very realistic. I would think that even though Darcy couldn't imagine himself ending up with Elizabeth he still had an obligation to produce an heir to his estate. Passing it down through Georgiana's bloodline was a somewhat brilliant idea but he shouldn't have put that pressure on her for even a second.

In the end I did very much enjoy this book and I will read it again in the future.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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