Sunday, October 18, 2015

REVIEW: Manifestations of a Phantom's Soul, The Untold Darkness by Michelle Rodriguez

Book Blurb: Beneath the opera house of Paris, the fabled Opera Ghost aches to possess the heart of his beloved Christine. But sometimes the paths of happy endings are not beaming brilliant and blissful; sometimes true ecstasy comes in the darkness. 

Continuing her collections of Phantom of the Opera stories, Michelle Rodriguez gives you 16 more tales of love and desire. From desperate secrets to forbidden embraces, be swept away in the mystique and power, the utter sensuality of the phantom’s world and learn the allure of the darkness as this epic love story comes to life.

“The desire, the hunger is the dark, and the love beneath it is the light… The dark burns, and the light is the reason why.”
- So Let Go

My Review: All the books in this collection of stories are all spicy hot. Well, all except one. While the stories are pretty steamy I have certainly read steamier published stories. But they're all still enjoyable so I definitely recommend this book if you want some Phantom in your life.

EDIT: 7/3/2018 I don't know what younger me was thinking. I re-read this book a lot so I must love it. Lol



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