Monday, December 05, 2016

REVIEW: Eleanor and the Iron King by Julie Daines

Book Blurb: Eleanor de Lacy has been bartered: her hand in marriage in exchange for a truce with her father’s sworn enemy. Now the headstrong beauty must leave her ancestral home and the man she secretly loves to become the wife of the infamous Welsh king Brach Goch. Tales of this cruel leader paint a chilling picture of a ruthless warrior, and all Eleanor knows for certain is that he is the villain responsible for the vicious attacks on her people and the death of her beloved brother. Though she must marry against her will, she vows Brach Goch will never possess her heart. Her arrival at the inhospitable castle Bryn Du confirms her worst fears—a ghost walks the halls of the castle, and Eleanor receives an ominous warning from the uneasy spirit: Brach is not to be trusted. Though resigned to a life of misery, Eleanor soon realizes all is not as it seems, for Brach is not the monster she dreaded but is a handsome and charming man whose gentle ways soon undermine her resolve to lock her heart. Clinging desperately to her pride, Eleanor finds herself trapped in a web of murder and deceit. And as the lines between good and evil become blurred, Eleanor must decide for herself who is to be trusted—and loved.

My Review: I really enjoyed this story. Eleanor was so closed minded to Brac during the majority of the story that I just wanted to smack her. Only towards the end does she start to warm towards him because she learned the truth about everything going on in the book. Brac though starts to fall in love with her almost immediately and is rejected by her throughout the book. I loved almost all the characters in this book and look forward to other books from Ms. Daines.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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