Tuesday, April 11, 2017

REVIEW: Darcy's Honor by Victoria Kincaid

Book Blurb: Elizabeth Bennet is relieved when the difficult Mr. Darcy leaves the area after the Netherfield Ball. But she soon runs afoul of Lord Henry, a Viscount who thinks to force her into marrying him by slandering her name and ruining her reputation. An outcast in Meryton, and even within her own family, Elizabeth has nobody to turn to and nowhere to go.

Darcy successfully resisted Elizabeth’s charms during his visit to Hertfordshire, but when he learns of her imminent ruin, he decides he must propose to save her from disaster. However, Elizabeth is reluctant to tarnish Darcy’s name by association…and the viscount still wants her…

Can Darcy save his honor while also marrying the woman he loves?

My Review: In this newest book from Victoria Kincaid Darcy tries to save Elizabeth after she is ruined by an unscrupulous Viscount. I enjoyed how even though Darcy fought with his reservations about Lizzy's family he still kept proposing marriage to her. I felt sorry for him at one point by how many times Lizzy turned him down because she was trying to protect his family's reputation. In between the ups and downs of their relationship help comes from a very unlikely source in restoring her honor.

This book kept me riveted from the time I picked it up until the time I finished it. Like always Ms. Kincaid has penned another winner.

Rating: 4½ stars of 5

*I received a copy from the author, All opinions are my own and shame on you if you think otherwise. 


  1. Your review is absolutely spot on, Tina. In this book, Victoria has created a villain (Lord Henry) who we're all going to have a wonderful time hating. I know I did! As you say, the final resolution, and restoration of Elizabeth's reputation, comes from an unlikely source but I loved the way Victoria had it all worked out. That resolution even results in an unexpected outcome for one of canon's minor characters but I won't say who - spoilers!

  2. I can just imagine the gentleman that Darcy is proposing many times to Elizabeth in an effort to protect her reputation and have her as his lady wife.
    Unfortunately,I can also well imagine Lizzy wanting,in turn,to protect his good name,and alas,refusing to consider his proposal!
    How they resolve this 'mess' is anyone's guess,but I'm hoping help in the form of Colonel Fitzwilluam is forthcoming!!
    Great review,one which I enjoyed reading!