Monday, March 05, 2018

REVIEW: Tsumiko and the Enslaved Fox by Forthright

Book One of the Amaranthine Saga. 

Book Blurb: Tsumiko inherits an ancestral home, a vast fortune, and a butler who isn’t exactly human.

Humanity is rocked by the Emergence of a people who call themselves the Amaranthine. They are our myths and legends come to life. Neither human nor animal, yet embracing qualities of both, the inhuman races inspire both awe and fear. Every newsfeed is clogged with updates about the peace process, but some places don’t concern themselves with worldly affairs. Like the girls’ school run by Saint Midori’s of the Heavenly Lights, where Tsumiko Hajime grew up.

A letter from a long-lost aunt names Tsumiko heiress to an ancestral estate and its accompanying fortune. Only the legacy comes with an aloof heirloom: an inhuman butler. Argent has served the Hajime family for centuries, and Tsumiko must renew the generational bond or he’ll die. Argent hates her for the hold she has over him, but he craves her soul almost as much as he craves his freedom.

My Review: So I didn't even know about this book until Forthright put up the cover art on her DeviantArt page. I was so excited that I went and bought it that same night. Of course, I couldn't start it for a couple of days because I was switching over my books from my old kindle to my new one. But let me tell you this book was worth that wait. While this book is based on her SessKag fanfiction Impeccable, she expanded the story and gave the characters a life of their own where they are different from their fanfiction counterparts. Though you can tell who each character is supposed to be from Impeccable. I enjoyed all the new characters in this story and there is a return of the fan favorite Hisoka from her Unspoiled fanfiction. I love Hisoka so much and I squealed with delight everytime he showed up in this book.

I loved this book so much and I can't wait for the second book to come out which is going to be based on her fanfiction Troved from what I read in the comments section on her website. I definitely recommend that everybody read this book and while you're at it check out her fanfictions too.

Rating: ★★★★★


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