Sunday, September 02, 2018

REVIEW: Nowhere But North by Nicole Clarkston

Book Blurb: Can the pieces of a broken past be enough to build a solid future?

Haunted by sorrow and regret, Margaret Hale stands at the precipice of an uncertain destiny. Fiercely determined but not knowing how to find her way, she risks the little she has left on the heart she once shattered—hoping somehow to win back his respect, if not his love.

Since he was a boy, John Thornton has fought the consequences of his father’s mistakes. Resolved to overcome past failings and the disdain of the world, he has striven for wealth, respect, and personal honour, but he is denied love. Now, all he had previously gained is slipping away, but he cannot resist a second chance with the woman he once lost. Crushed on all sides, all he has left to offer the one who needs him most is a home, and a heart that aches for her.

Can a struggling manufacturer ever be enough for a woman who deserves the world? Can a grieving, inexperienced young woman learn to look beyond her Southern past to appreciate her Northern man? When sorrow and fear threaten to conquer them both, they must overcome the odds to find the strength to forge a better life ahead.

My Review: Ok, so I have some thoughts on this book. For one this book is so driven with angst that at times I wanted to put it down and come back to it but I powered through it and I'm glad I did. I believe that the author did a good job with keeping the characters in character to the original book but I did find John to be a bit more proud than I remember. The parts where John and Margaret were a loving couple I really enjoyed. The back and forth part I could have done without even though we did a lot of backstory for the book.

The good majority of this book was nothing but pure angst and I got very frustrated with the Thorntons to the point where I wanted to slap both of them and lock them in a room where they could talk or scream out their problems. A good chunk of the book could have been cut if they had only just talked to each other instead of assuming stuff. I felt for the Thornton's though when they experienced their loss. I was so glad they eventually worked out their problems and was ecstatic when Margaret got reunited with Frederick.

In all seriousness though even though this book is so angst driven and I did want to put it down at times I'm glad I stuck with it. I still believe that Margaret and John should have just talked out their problems instead of clamming up and refusing to. While I did enjoy this book it's not my favorite out of Miss Clarkston's North and South novels. That honor goes to No Such Thing As Luck.

 Rating: 4 stars out of 5


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