Friday, May 15, 2015

REVIEW: Darcy's Ultimatum by Jennifer Joy

Book One of the Cousins Series

Book Blurb: When Fitzwilliam Darcy’s arranged life falls to pieces, his father, Mr. George Darcy, gives him an ultimatum: Marry by the end of the London Season or risk disinheritance. Can Darcy cast aside society’s frigid attitude toward marriage and find true love? Or will his desire to honor his deceased mother’s memory hold him back? 
Elizabeth Bennet faces the greatest challenge of her life: Find a husband by the end of the London Season or be forced to marry the heir apparent of her family home, Mr. Collins. A romantic at heart, will Elizabeth find a gentlemen to meet her high expectations?
After a disastrous meeting, Darcy and Elizabeth determine not to like each other. But, the London Season has only begun…

The Review: So while I did happen to enjoy this book it's not one of my favorites. Darcy in this book is being pressured to marry by the end of the London season by his father. Due to a misunderstanding Elizabeth is being forced to find a husband by the end of the season or marry Mr. Collins. This Mr. Collins is the sort of man nobody would want to marry at all. He is so big he has double chins. *Shudders* I wouldn't want somebody that big on top of me so I understand how Elizabeth feels. Lol. I do like how Bingley doesn't let Darcy's opinion of Jane sway him to give her up. He goes out of his way to court her actually. Darcy however can't make a decision to propose to Elizabeth til the book is almost over it. And then when Bingley tells him that Mr. Collins told him that him and Elizabeth are engaged he just walks away. What the hell fight for the woman you love Darcy. But in the end they do end up getting married in a double ceremony with Jane and Bingley. I am looking forward to the second book in the series.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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