Monday, June 01, 2015

REVIEW: For Peace of Mind by Leenie Brown

Received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review

Book Blurb: When Elizabeth Bennet is sent to London to stay with her relatives, Fitzwilliam Darcy is the last person she expects or wants to see. On advice from her aunt, she agrees to give the gentleman a second chance at making a first impression.
    Fitzwilliam Darcy never expected to find Elizabeth Bennet in town, and when he does, he is equally surprised to discover she heard his slighting remark at the assembly.
    Just when Darcy and Elizabeth's relationship begins to blossom, danger threatens. Action, intended to separate them, instead provokes declarations of love. Now on the path to matrimony, a new adversary creates a seemingly impossible choice, testing the strength of their bonds.

The Review: So to begin with this is not a very long variation at all. It is less than 200 pages. I believe my kindle said it was 190 pages all together. So this story starts with the Gardiners, Jane and Lizzy traveling to London because Elizabeth refused Mr. Collins offer of marriage and her mother is very vexed with her. Mr. Bennet writes to the Gardiners and asks them to up their visit and take the two oldest back to London with them. During a shopping trip they run across Darcy at a tea shop along with Colonel Fitzwilliam. During that same day Mr. Wickham is mentioned and Mrs. Gardiner tells her nieces that he is not a very good man. Mr. Bennet receives a letter about him and Lydia runs her mouth in front of him. This starts off a whole chain of events. But I'm not going to say anymore about the plot as that would give the whole book away and then what's the point of reading it?

I will admit that I started this book as soon as I received it and I couldn't put it down. Which accounts for me writing a review for it the same day I got it. I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed Ms. Brown's debut novel. This time I didn't find any typos or missing words. lol. Any self respecting JAFF fan should add this book to their collection. I'm eagerly awaiting any more books Ms. Brown decides to write.

Rating: ★★★★★

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