Friday, June 12, 2015

REVIEW: A Bevy of Suitors by Jann Rowland and Lelia Eye

Book Blurb: When a chance remark from Mr. Darcy causes Mr. Bingley to rethink which Bennet daughter he wishes to pursue, Elizabeth Bennet finds herself the focus of Mr. Bingley’s attentions. Though her dearest sister encourages her to allow herself to determine her feelings for the man, Elizabeth finds her eye caught by the more reserved Mr. Darcy.
    But these are not the only suitors for Elizabeth’s hand, as Mr. Wickham and Mr. Collins also prove themselves determined to draw her attention.
    Though Elizabeth would never have imagined that she would be the focus of such attention, she finds herself forced to choose from among a bevy of suitors . . . .

My Review: Ok so Mrs Bennet in this book is such a bitch. She actually has the gall to try to force Jane on Mr. Bingley even though he is showing a interest in courting Elizabeth. She goes out of her way to inform Mr. Collins that Lizzy is available as a suitable bride even though Bingley is courting her. I do like Mr.Wickham in this book. He is trying to fix his rakish ways and become a upstanding member of society. Of course he also falls in love with Lizzy and tries to court her. He does leave Meryton when he realizes that she'll never love him. Just because Anne is dead in this book that doesn't stop Lady Catherine from voicing her displeasure in Darcy's choice of choosing Elizabeth as his bride. But at the time he was just trying to court her under Bingley's nose. Bingley and Darcy almost come to blows over Lizzy which to her was stupid. Caroline is this book is just awful. She actually tries to compromise Darcy and then when it doesn't work tries to trample Darcy and Lizzy with her horse. But Wickham saves them from Caroline's shenanigan which causes her to hit her head on a rock. She ends up dying from it. But from personal experience busting your head open doesn't kill you. I know I've lived through it twice in my lifetime. 

I enjoyed this book very much indeed. However the book was so long. You definitely get your monies worth. I would recommend this book to any JAFF fan. 

Rating: 4 1/2 stars out of 5


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