Monday, June 08, 2015

REVIEW: A Tapestry of Lives Book 1

Book Blurb: Witty and intelligent, Miss Elizabeth Bennet has vowed that nothing but the deepest love shall tempt her into matrimony, a tenuous prospect for a poor gentlewoman in 19th century England. She rejects an unexpected offer of marriage from wealthy Mr. Darcy, only to realize that he is just the sort of man to whom she might entrust her heart. After sharing the story with her father, Elizabeth returns to London and finds herself unexpectedly in Darcy’s company once again. With A Tapestry of Lives, Jean Sims weaves a fresh story around two of Jane Austen's most beloved characters. Set along this new path, will the couple manage to reconcile their differences and plan a life together while enduring the foibles of family, friends, and British high society?

The Review: So this book starts off right after Elizabeth returns to Longbourn from visiting the Collinses at Hunsford. She speaks to her father about Lydia going to Brighton for the summer. They have an extended talk about it and Mr. Bennet ends up seeing Mr. Darcy's letter to Elizabeth and she tells him everything. Mr. Darcy ends up having a talk with Ann and they find out that neither one of them wants to marry the other. When Lady Catherine finds out she gets very angry. Meanwhile Elizabeth has gone to London to visit the Gardiners as they had to cancel their trip to the Lake District and they are taking a much shorter trip to Derbyshire. Events happen and Darcy and Lizzy end up meeting in a park while she and the entire Gardiner family are picnicking. Well Darcy starts showing her a different side of himself to hopefully get her to fall in love with him. By the end of the book they are engaged and Elizabeth is visiting Pemberley with the Gardiner family.

This book has A LOT of back story about various characters in the book. And I mean it's a lot. Actually it seems to over shadow the main plot of the book. The reader doesn't nearly get to see enough Lizzy and Darcy time. However I did enjoy the story and I am looking forward to reading book two in the series. I'm just in the middle of reading Dragonfly in Amber by Diana Gabaldon and it's a 1000 pages long... I'll probably be reading that one for days so I can't start book two I finish it. lol

Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5


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