Friday, August 28, 2015

REVIEW: Scorched: Eros and Psyche - A Myth by Jendela Tryst

Book Two of the Origins of Love.

Book Blurb: Love puts trust, loyalty, and faith to the ultimate test. 

In order to assuage Aphrodite’s wrath, Psyche is forced to wed an ominous, unknown creature. Alone and abandoned, she is taken to a mysterious universe that is both beautiful and deadly.

As Psyche struggles to accept her new life as a prisoner while trying to forget the man who broke her heart, she finds herself drawing closer and closer to the mysterious beast she had been forced to wed.

While Psyche discovers rapturous pleasure and scorching ecstasy, doubt continues to threaten a frail happiness. Will she be able to resist the burning curiosity that surrounds her shrouded world, or will the blaze of temptation ultimately consume her, destroying everything she held dear?

My Review: This book was so much better that the first one. The reader gets to see how Psyche is "sacrificed" to a monstrous creature to become her husband because tragedy keeps striking her village. I really think that was shitty on the part of the villagers to do that to her and on the part of Eros to influence events like that. I get that he was in love with her but damn you don't do that. I love how during the nights that she is at his hidden palace they get to know each other on a more personal level and she ends up falling in love with him even though he hides himself from her in the shadows. Oh and I like how unlike the original myth Ms. Tryst doesn't have them instantly falling in to bed with each other. He respects her enough to wait until she's ready.

I don't like the fact the author left us hanging just when it was getting really interesting. I'll be really glad when book three is released.

Rating: 4½ stars out of 5


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