Thursday, September 17, 2015

REVIEW: As Good As A Lord by P.O. Dixon

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Book Blurb: Elizabeth had intended to tell no one about Mr. Darcy's proposal. At length, she confided in her dearest sister, Jane. It was meant to be their secret, but secrets have a way of getting found out. 

What happens when Mrs. Bennet learns that her headstrong daughter has refused the hand of a second respectable man in less than six months?

Darcy is determined to put his disastrous proposal to Miss Elizabeth Bennet behind him by filling the empty space in his life that can only be occupied by a wife. A chance meeting with Elizabeth at Pemberley gives him pause. Elizabeth may be the only woman in his heart, but she is not the only woman in his life.

Will Darcy adhere to his original plan to find another, or will he follow his heart?

My Review:  This novella is the story of what would happen if Mrs. Bennet knew that Mr. Darcy proposed to Elizabeth at Rosings and she refused him. I love how Mrs. Bennet basically forced her way onto the trip to Derbyshire that Lizzy and the Gardiner's had planned to go on. She also made a situation where her and Lizzy had to stay behind at Pemberley. I didn't like how Darcy planned to find a bride amongst London society after she rejected him. I would have loved for this novella to be a bit longer.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review, Tina! With a story titled As Good as a Lord, Mrs. Bennet insisted on having her fair share. I'm delighted to know you enjoyed it.