Sunday, November 29, 2015

REVIEW: The Last Waltz by Pat Santarsiero

Book Blurb: A chance meeting at the age of fifteen has Elizabeth Bennet dreaming of the handsome Mr. Darcy. But the result of one Fateful night changes everything. Can she ever overcome her insecurities enough to allow herself to be loved?

Experience has taught Fitzwilliam Darcy that love is fleeting at best, an impractical emotion that is hardly worth the effort. Will he ever find the courage to finally offer his heart to someone?

The Last Waltz may be their last chance for happiness.

My Review: I don't want to start out this review by being negative but I have to get this off my chest. I really think that the author should have done some research into the Regency era. It bothers me that Darcy compromised Lizzy a bunch of times in this book and should have offered for her hand way before he did. But towards the end of the book he was concerned that with Wickham kidnapping Lizzy that she would be considered compromised no matter what. He really should have thought the numerous times he put her in a compromising situation and thought nothing about it. Seriously! And why does Georgiana almost always end up with Colonel Fitzwilliam? Nope, that's disgusting to me. Why would you want to marry someone who is closely related to you? Oh and the Waltz was considered a scandalous dance back then. Add to the fact that it wasn't introduced to Britain until the year 1813 and this book takes place mainly in 1811 well you can see the problem right? Plus most engagements didn't last almost a whole year before a couple wed if they were affluent. I need to stop.

Okay, enough ranting. While obviously I did find things wrong with this book strangely enough it was rather addicting. I mean I only started it last night and I have already finished it.



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