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BLOG TOUR; REVIEW ~ A Searing Acquaintance by J.L. Ashton

I received an advanced copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

Book Blurb: “I don’t know why I ever thought we made sense.”
Smart, educated people are fools in love, especially when they’re mired in denial and misunderstanding.

In this modern spin on Jane Austen’s classic tale, Elizabeth Bennet, a grad student with literary aspirations, has found her big career break—and broken up with yet another forgettable boyfriend. While grateful for the professional lifeline thrown by sports agent George Wickham, she is intrigued by the man she calls Mr. Noir.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, marked by tragedy, is a man accustomed to living his life in the spotlight even as his heart dwells on the dark side of loneliness. When he first meets Elizabeth, he thinks she looks like “a bloody pumpkin,” but he soon sees so much more. She, however, can’t even decide what to call him. Mr. Noir? Nurse Darcy? Sleazy British playboy? Ferdinand?

“So, it’s Fitzwilliam, right? That’s an amazing name, you know. Which came first—the name or the accent?”

He looked at her.

“Oh, come on. It’s like the name of a subdivision or a sofa at Pottery Barn. `Please note the extra firm cushions on The Fitzwilliam.’”

Can an accidental encounter that leads to shocking intimacy change the course they’ve both set and bring them into love’s light? Or will they stay mired in cold words and angry misunderstandings, overshadowing the deep connection they each feel? Getting beyond their own mistakes to find each other again is one thing; they also have to heal the wounds of their pasts. Can they do that together?

My Review: I just can't imagine Darcy as being a bumbling wreck whenever he's around Elizabeth. But somehow Ms. Ashton made it work. The other characters in this book really seem to glue this book together. Richard was a particular favorite of mine in this novel. Every character had their own little quirks and it works. I just can't believe that Charlotte and Collins actually fell in love. Excuse me for a minute while I go get sick. I would have loved for her and Richard to get together but it wasn't to be apparently.

One thing about this book is that it seemed to drag after Lizzy and Darcy were officially together. I know things needed to be wrapped up but I almost gave up on it. Things did seem to pick up towards the end of the book during Jane and Charles' wedding. I loved how Will told off Elizabeth's real mom. I also give props for Barbara not putting up with her daughters bad behavior but Mr. Bennet was as apathetic as usual. Another thing is that the book seems disjointed to me. They would be talking about one thing but the next sentence was about something completely different. It just seemed like they couldn't finish their thought before leaping ahead to the next thing. But that might just be me being reading it wrong. Other than that this book is a very good modern adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.This book is worth a read but around the 60% mark it does start to drag some. This is a good debut novel from a new author.

Rating: ★★★★☆

J.L. Ashton Bio
J.L. Ashton didn’t meet Jane Austen until she was in her late teens, but in a happy coincidence, she shares a similarity of name with the author and celebrates her birthday on the same day Pride & Prejudice was first published. Sadly, she’s yet to find any Darcy and Elizabeth candles on her cake, but she does own the action figures.

Like so many Austen fans, Jan was an early and avid reader with a vivid imagination and a well-used library card. Her family’s frequent moves in the U.S and abroad encouraged her to think of books and their authors as reliable friends. It took summers in London, a history degree, and another decade or two for her to start imagining variations on Pride & Prejudice, and another decade—filled with career, marriage, kids, and a menagerie of pets—to discover the world of JAFF. Today, in between writing Jane Austen variations, Jan lives and works in the Chicago area, where she volunteers far too often and is a member of the local and national chapters of the Jane Austen Society of North America. A Searing Acquaintance is her first book.

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