Wednesday, March 23, 2016

REVIEW: The Blessing of Marriage by Elizabeth Ann West

.This is book three of the Moralities of Marriage series.

Book Blurb: Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet find nothing but a mess in London after they escape Kent. The town home bare and the Wickhams caught up in Lord Strange's illegal business venture, Darcy has little choice but to make unsavory friends as Elizabeth heals from her cousin's attack. With the support of the Bingleys, Darcy and Elizabeth are finally ready to secure their future at the anvil in Gretna Green when Elizabeth has one small request.

My Review: I have waited over a year for this book to come out. So I was very excited to finally purchase this book off Amazon and start reading it. Elizabeth is recovering from the beating Mr Collins gave her, Georgiana is still a spoiled little brat, Caroline is still Caroline and Wickham is still his charming self. The amount of hostility in this book from almost everybody made me put the book down several times until I could focus and resume.

You got to love how Mrs Bennet can turn any situation into something bad. Mr Bennet doesn't even want to hear Lizzy's side of the story and well he ends up alienating his favorite daughter. I understand that people's actions can have consequences but you would think that people would want to know the truth instead of hearsay. Georgiana and Caroline did their best to make sure that Lizzy would not be accepted into Mr Darcy's circle and that's a shitty thing to do to your future sister-in-law. I can't stand Georgiana in this series. This is something I expect from Caroline but not Georgiana. But what can you expect after Wickham has corrupted the poor girl.

I do admire that Darcy is doing his best to correct his family's situation but honestly he should have just washed his hands of the Wickhams. His sister made her bed and she should have to deal with the consequences. By the end of the book our dear couple still haven't made it to the altar but now they are finally on their way to Gretna Green to elope. I really hope that everything gets cleared up in the next book and that we don't have to wait a year for it.

Rating: ★★★★☆

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  1. Nice review Tina. You've certainly peaked my interest!! Thanks for posting!