Tuesday, July 26, 2016

REVIEW: Renewed Hope by Rose Fairbanks

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This is book two in the When Love Blooms series.

Book Blurb: Told against the backdrop of Elizabeth Bennet and Fitzwilliam Darcy's timeless love story, Renewed Hope continues the story of Sufficient Encouragement through the eyes of three couples experiencing love for the second time.

James Fitzwilliam may be the Viscount Arlington, but ten years ago he walked away from money and prestige to marry a servant girl against his family's wishes. Unexpectedly, she died, and he has spent the time since trying to forget his loss. At last determining to marry with no hope of love, he settles on his cousin Anne de Bourgh - the very lady he cast aside years earlier.

Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam is a celebrated war hero and has loved only one woman. Her plot to use him to entrap his brother, the heir of a wealthy and powerful earl, crushed him in ways even battle could not. Years have passed, but the wounds remain. He knows better than to trust a lady again but is defenseless against the captivating Lady Belinda Crenshaw. Instead of proving faithless, she proves constant to the naval captain she loved who died at sea mere months ago. As Richard attempts to convince Lady Belinda to love again, his plans for retirement disappear.

Caroline Bingley has not always been mercenary and title grasping. Once upon a time, she was a naïve girl who fancied herself in love with a shopkeeper's son with poor prospects due to the colour of his skin. When war broke out with France, he chose to prove his patriotism just as Caroline recognized her family would grieve over the match. Breaking the engagement nearly destroyed them both. Meeting Jacob Truman again could be the answer to all their dreams or their worst nightmares.

My Review: I went into this book looking for a continuation of Sufficient Encouragement. What I did not expect was a rehash of the first book just told through the eyes of three different couples. A brief summary of their courtship is fine but I don't want to relive some of the scenes from SE just from a different perspective. I wanted more of all three of the couples as they continued their lives from SE. Don't take this review the wrong way I did enjoy the fresh insights to the first book but don't make the whole book a rehash of the first one. Also I think that Belinda didn't love her Seth as much as she said she did as she didn't exactly put up much resistance to Richard once she met him.

Will things work out for the newly married Anne and Arlington or will Jacob and Caroline finally end up together? These are things the reader needs to know. Hopefully these questions will be answered in the next book.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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