Tuesday, March 14, 2017

REVIEW: Miss Elizabeth Bennet: Where the Heart Lives by P.O. Dixon

Book Blurb: ❝A wealthy gentleman who imperils his life to rescue a young gentlewoman from a burning building must secretly harbor the desire to make said young woman his wife.❞

Mr. Darcy emerges as a hero in Miss Elizabeth Bennet's eyes almost from the start. With such a beginning, one might think the journey to happily ever after for Jane Austen's beloved couple would be absent any bumps in the road. On the contrary. There are quite a few fires to be put out along the way.

My Review: So everything that happened in this book was very predictable. I get that this book wasn't even quite 200 pages but did it have to be so rushed?  As soon as they say something about a future situation it pretty much happens. I would have loved to see this book more fleshed out and DEAR GOD WHY DID SHE HAVE JANE END UP WITH MR. COLLINS? We can't have him up end with the religious daughter. Nope let's sacrifice Jane so that she can't end up with Mr. Bingley. There isn't really even any conflict in this book other than Elizabeth running away from home because she doesn't want to marry Mr. Collins and the fire.

I really did try to like this tale but ultimately I was left disappointed.

Rating: 3½ stars out of 5


  1. I do wonder why Mary should have Lizzy's cast-offs. This would not be the first story that I have read that Collins marries Jane (its not as if she is an interesting character in the original).

  2. Jane and Mr Collins?? Oh,goodness!! Yikes!!