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BLOG TOUR: A Most Handsome Gentleman by Suzan Lauder ~ Review + Excerpt

I have on my blog a review and excerpt from Suzan Lauder's newest work.

Book Blurb: Elizabeth Bennet’s life is uncomplicated until she meets a quartet of new men: the haughty but handsome Mr. Darcy, the pert-with-a-pout Mr. Bingley, the confident and captivating Mr. Wickham—and then there is her father’s cousin, the happy man towards whom almost every female eye has turned.

Mr. Collins is HOT—well, incredibly handsome in Regency-speak—beautiful of face, fine of figure, elegant of air, his perfect clothing and hair matching his Greek god-like form. Unfortunately, when he opens his mouth, Elizabeth wishes he were mute. With affected servility and prideful self-conceit, he capitalizes upon his exquisite appearance and fixes on Jane Bennet as his bride.

Can Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy form an alliance to stop Jane’s suitors from issuing challenges—and will Elizabeth coax a smile from Mr. Darcy?

Bestselling Regency romance author Suzan Lauder delivers a hilarious Austenesque romance suitable for all readers of Pride and Prejudice.

Before she could be seated, Mr. Collins pulled my mother aside and glared at me with a frown that hinted of disapproval. What was wrong? I bent my head to study my apparel: a rather pretty gown that Jane thought suited my eyes and a delicate new chemisette neatly tucked in place.

When I glanced up again, Mr. Collins had engaged my mother in conversation in hushed tones.

My father and I share delight in a special entertainment: we are avid observers of the follies of others. Over the years, we both have found new acquaintances far more interesting than neighbours since only so much can be said concerning those one critiques each day. Thus, I kept a watchful eye on Mr. Collins in order to take his measure. However, my application was made difficult by the distraction of his full, luscious lips as they moved upon his irresistible face.

Before he had said many words, my younger sisters rushed into the room at each other’s heels as if in a race. Mr. Collins tapped his foot and grimaced at the intrusion, but he made a brief bow as each girl greeted him with bright eyes and a flutter of lashes—even Mary stammered a flirtatious address to the man! He deigned to offer a clipped, “Good morning,” before ignoring my younger sisters, who took their usual places in the breakfast room, all the while keeping their eyes on him. Jane was last into the breakfast room at a normal time for the meal. As he leapt to his feet, Mr. Collins’s face lit in a smile that was so becoming, one wondered whether it was practised.

She appeared to warrant more than a brief greeting since he added, “I am pleased to see you look so well this morning, Miss Bennet. I trust you had a good rest?” He made no effort to hide his admiration as his eyes scrutinized her from head to toe.

Jane’s cheeks took on high colour as she dipped a curtsey. “Yes, I thank you, sir.” Her voice was strained as though she had lost her breath.

Mr. Collins shifted slightly so she could barely pass without brushing him, his eyes following her every movement. He stared at Jane’s backside as she took her chair, seeming to take stock of her before he resumed his muttered speech to my mother, who was all attention to him.

Lydia whispered to Kitty, “I should never have believed myself caring two figs for a man who wore black rather than red, but I cannot stop admiring him.”

To my amazement, Kitty told her to hush! “I am concentrating on his words!” Her significant annoyance was clear in her angry tone and furrowed brow. Kitty—who had always followed what Lydia did, paid heed to her every word, and made no decisions without her younger sister—was overruling her leader! I nearly missed the conversation between my mother and Mr. Collins for my sister’s strange behaviour.
My Review: So this book reads like a bad soap opera using the characters from Pride and Prejudice as the cast. To begin with we have a hot Mr. Collins but he such an arrogant asshole. The rest of the cast of characters are sort of out of character too. Jane and Charlotte are both plump and that draws Mr. Collins towards them with a vengeance. The majority of the book had me laughing my ass off as it was so funny. There is a point in the book where Bingley and Mr. Collins get into a slap fight over Jane. Like what the hell? LMAO.

I will be reading this book again as it was funny as hell. I definitely recommend this book if you want something to read that's fast and funny.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Author Bio: A lover of Jane Austen, Regency period research and costuming, cycling, yoga, blogging, and independent travel, cat mom Suzan Lauder is seldom idle.

Her first effort at a comedy, A Most Handsome Gentleman is the fourth time Lauder has been published by Meryton Press. Her earlier works include a mature Regency romance with a mystery twist, Alias Thomas Bennet, a modern short romance Delivery Boy in the holiday anthology Then Comes Winter, and the dramatic tension filled Regency romance Letter from Ramsgate.
She and Mr. Suze split their time between a loft condo overlooking the Salish Sea and a 150-year-old Spanish colonial home near the sea in Mexico.

Suzan’s lively prose is also available to her readers on her blog, road trips with the redhead, on her Facebook author page, and on Twitter @suzanlauder.

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  1. Enjoyed the excerpt and was glad to hear your thoughts. A slap fight...I am already laughing just thinking of it. I look forward to reading as I could really use a humorous book right now.

    1. I'm glad that Tina's review clarified some points and hope the humour in this book helps your spirits, darcybennet. Until you read, you can listen to my muse playlist that helped me keep this comedy light:

  2. So hopefully this will be the making of Kitty

    1. This is not the only argument between Kitty and Lydia over Mr. Collins. They have the spotlight again later in the book!

  3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Tina. The book made me laugh out loud often throughout! So glad to hear you enjoyed it too.

    1. Thanks for translating that laughter into a gret cover, Janet. I'm sure that draws readers equally as Tina's excellent review.

  4. Tina, you're known for your very honest and forthright reviews. Thanks for this one. It is much appreciated.