Thursday, July 12, 2018

Review: Son of a Preacher Man by Karen M Cox

Book Blurb: “I forget that you’re a fella sometimes.”
“Gee, thanks.”
I never forgot that she was a girl. Not for one second…

It’s 1959 — and although the country is poised at the edge of a tidal wave of social change, Billy Ray Davenport anticipates living a traditional, predictable life. Handsome, principled, and keenly observant, he arrives in town to lodge with the Millers, the local doctor’s family. Billy Ray has visited the small Southern town of Orchard Hill several times when he accompanied his father, a widowed traveling minister. But he never bargained for Lizzie Quinlan—a complex, kindred spirit who is beautiful and compassionate, yet scorned by the townsfolk. Could a girl with a reputation be different than she seems? With her quirky wisdom and a spine of steel hidden beneath an effortless sensuality, Lizzie is about to change Billy Ray’s life—and his heart—forever.

A realistic look at first love, told by an idealistic young man, Son of a Preacher Man is a heartwarming coming of age tale set in a simpler time.
“Love has power we disregard at our peril...”

My Review: This book was originally released as At the Edge of the Sea back in 2013 and I never read it. But it just got rereleased as Son of a Preacher Man and I ended up buying it because it kept getting recommended to me. Can I say that I love this book? I could see parallels between this book and Pride and Prejudice as I think that's what it's inspired by. I loved most of the characters in this book the only one I really hated was Marlene, the resident Caroline Bingley. I hated how she called Lizzie a slut all the time but she herself acted like a slut. I very much enjoyed when Billy Ray called her out on that. This book just made me feel good throughout the entire story and that doesn't happen very often. This is definitely one of the best books I've read this year.

Rating: ★★★★★


  1. I love the author's prose, skillfully plotted story, flawed characters, authentic regional voices — elevates the work to a higher level. I agree. I don’t now think this is a Pride & Prejudice reimagining, rather inspired-by story—much like Clueless is supposedly inspired by Emma. It’s def a coming of age novel that my teen daughter read TWICE now, and says it’s “about truth, love, and becoming who you are meant to be that will leave you breathless too.” (One of your best read so far this year—PRAISE INDEED!)

    1. I did say i thought it was inspired by Pride and Prejudice but you have to admit that Marlene is Caroline Bingley.

  2. Wow, I am completely blown over by this lovely review! Thank you, Tina! I'm glad you enjoyed the book and the characters :) Yes, there's a lot of Caroline Bingley in Marlene, but I think Marlene is even meaner. As far Billy Ray and Lizzie, well, I loved them from the start.