Friday, November 02, 2018

October 2018 Book Haul

So this is all the physical books that I bought in October 2018.

I have been so hyped about this book I got two copies of it (Amazon wouldn't cancel my preorder). Three if you count my kindle copy. 

I've been excited to read this since it's release last year so I'm glad I now have it. 

I've been wanting to read this and the cover is so pretty.

I can't wait to read this series about Blackbeard. 

I got two copies of this book and one of them is signed by the authors.

I got the exclusive signed Owlcrate edition. 

I love this duology so much and now I own the physical books. 

I got a signed edition of this book.

I ordered this book and to my surprise I got sent a signed edition. 

The cover for this book is so pretty. 

And that's it folks. I bought a lot of books in October. I need to slow down. 


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