Thursday, October 31, 2019

Fine Eyes & Pert Opinions by Maria Grace ~ Review

Title: Fine Eyes & Pert Opinions
Author: Maria Grace
Publisher: White Soup Press
Genre: Austenesque
Release Date: October 3rd, 2019
Number of Pages: 246 (according to my kindle)
Format Read: Kindle ebook
Buy: Amazon

Book Blurb: His family faces ruin without help from a woman below his notice.

Fitzwilliam Darcy, guardian to his younger sister, Georgiana, is at his wits end. Despite every possible effort, Georgiana steadfastly refuses to become a properly accomplished woman in anticipation of her come out. Elizabeth Bennet, the vicar’s daughter who has grown up in the shades of Pemberley, suggests hosting a small house party to encourage Georgiana's improvement with a taste of society.

While the notion is utterly ludicrous, Darcy has no better ideas. Soon
cousins Richard and Anne, and friends, the Bingleys, are on their way to Pemberley. Richard makes his own additions to the party: the glamorous baronet playwright Sir Alexander and his stunning sister Miss Garland.

Over Darcy’s objections, the party sets upon performing a home theatrical written by Sir Alexander. But the Garlands are not as they seem. Soon everything at Pemberley is upended and in disarray.
Will Darcy’s pride and prejudice cause him to forever ruin the Darcys’ good name by overlooking the one person who has the keys to making it all right again?

My Review: I went into this book a little apprehensive because I really didn't know all that much about it. I'm happy to say that while I wanted to throw my kindle across the room about halfway through it (you'll understand why when you read it) I was glad I stuck with it. I hate how dense both Darcy and Elizabeth are in this book. While Colonel Fitzwilliam tried to give him good advice he gave him the wrong advice. I also loved how Georgiana wasn't perfect but she does end up falling for another rake that wasn't Wickham.

I did enjoy this book as I have all of Maria Grace's other novels and I can't wait to see what she puts out in the future.

Rating: ★★★★☆

Author Bio: Five-time BRAG Medallion Honoree, Maria Grace has her PhD in Educational Psychology and is a 16-year veteran of the university classroom where she taught courses in human growth and development, learning, test development and counseling. None of which have anything to do with her undergraduate studies in economics/sociology/managerial studies/behavior sciences. She pretends to be a mild-mannered writer/cat-lady, but most of her vacations require helmets and waivers or historical costumes, usually not at the same time.

She writes gas lamp fantasy, historical romance and non-fiction to help justify her research addiction. Her books are available at all major online booksellers.

She can be contacted at:
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