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The Bennet Affair by Riana Everly ~ Review, Excerpt & Giveaway

Title: The Bennet Affair
Author: Riana Everly
Genre: Pride and Prejudice variation
Publisher: Bay Crest Press
Release Date: March 31st, 2020
Number of Pages: 307
Version Read: Kindle ebook

Book Blurb: A tale of secrets, sweethearts, and spies!

Elizabeth Bennet’s bedroom in the ancient tower of Longbourn has always been her private haven. So what are those footsteps and shuffling noises she’s now hearing from the room above her head? Drawn from her bed one dark summer night, her clandestine investigations land her in the middle of what looks like a gang of French spies!

William Darcy’s summer has been awful so far, especially after barely rescuing his sister from a most injudicious elopement. Then he is attacked and almost killed nearly at his own front door in one of the best parts of London. Luckily his saviour and new friend, Lord Stanton, has a grand suggestion—recuperate in the countryside and help uncover the workings of a ring of French spies, rumoured to be led by none other than country squire Thomas Bennet!

Drawn together as they work to uncover the truth about the Frenchmen hiding in their midst, Elizabeth and Darcy must use all their intellect as they are confronted with an ingenious code machine, a variety of clockwork devices, ancient secrets and very modern traitors to the Crown. And somewhere along the line, they just might lose their hearts and discover true love—assuming they survive what they learn in the Bennet affair.

My Review: This is the most fun I've had reading a book in a while. The Mr. Bennet as a spy plot was great. Wickham wasn't as vile in this book but he's still a dick. I knew there was something about Lord Stanton as soon as he asked Darcy to go spy on Mr. Bennet. I loved the slow-burn romance between Darcy and Elizabeth. Also, Bingley was an idiot but he sort of redeems himself at the end of the book.

I really enjoyed reading this book and I definitely recommend reading it.

Rating: 4 stars out of 5

Tap tap tap.
Darcy woke the following morning to an unexpected sound on his window. His room was along the small guest hallway on the first storey, removed from the family wing and facing the gardens that in the spring would spread colour along the back of the house. The kitchens were off to one side, and a low parapet ran along the rear wall, providing some shade for the veranda below, and—so it seemed—a convenient place for an intruder to gain access to the building.
He cracked his eyes open; the sound had stopped, and the slim line of light between the draperies suggested the hour was yet very early. His imagination must have leaked from unremembered dreams into the first tendrils of consciousness. Another glance told him that the hearth had not yet been tended by the morning maids; it must be extremely early indeed, and after a very late night at that. He closed his eyes and settled back into the blankets in hopes of finding more sleep.
Tap tap tap.
This was no dream. Was the house under attack? Surely even the most barbaric officer of the Corsican Monster’s vile army would wait until a more respectable hour. And why alert him with such tapping?
Tap tap ta-ta-ta-tap.
With a groan, he threw off the blankets and wrapped his banyan about his shoulders, then slipped his feet into the slippers his sister had given him for his birthday the previous year. “Richard.” He grumbled into the chilly air and shuffled across the room. That pattern was one which he and his cousin had used as children to identify each other during their games. Despite this assurance, however, he peered through the curtains before opening them and the windows beyond, lest some enemy had learned of the trick.
He opened the window and his cousin shimmied through and into the room.
Darcy frowned at him. “What in blazes are you doing here?” Sleep had left his voice deep and thick. “And why in heaven’s name did you come through the window? Is the front door not good enough for someone like you?
“I did not wish to wake the staff, and no housekeeper worth her salt would allow me to awaken a guest. I needed to speak to you sooner.” 
“Furthermore, how in the world did you get through? The snow looks five feet deep.”
“Four.” The response was curt, and Richard shivered. “Can a man get a cup of tea around here? The deep snow helped my cause, for it is easier to get through on those infernal snowshoes when the snow is heavier and untouched. The main roads are clear enough for a draught horse and a sleigh, and I walked from Oakham. ‘Tis only three miles or so over the backfields. Now about that tea?” For tea, it seemed, he was willing to wake the servants.
Richard tossed off his greatcoat and let a heavy pack slip from where it had been strapped to his shoulders. It hit the floor with a dull thud, and Darcy hoped it had not disturbed whoever might be in the room below them.
Darcy tugged at the bell-pull to summon a maid and set about asking his cousin every question that flooded into his brain. “Tut, tut, not yet,” Richard admonished. “I am still half-frozen, and I am certain Miss Elizabeth will want to hear this as well. I am a man of few words—”
Darcy barked a laugh.
“—when it suits me,” the colonel looked affronted, “and would prefer to tell my tale only once.”

Author Bio: Riana Everly was born in South Africa, but has called Canada home since she was eight years old. She has a Master’s degree in Medieval Studies and is trained as a classical musician, specialising in Baroque and early Classical music. She first encountered Jane Austen when her father handed her a copy of Emma at age 11, and has never looked back.

Riana now lives in Toronto with her family. When she is not writing, she can often be found playing string quartets with friends, biking around the beautiful province of Ontario with her husband, trying to improve her photography, thinking about what to make for dinner, and, of course, reading!

Riana’s novels have received several awards and citations as favourite reads of the year, including two Jane Austen Awards and a Discovering Diamonds review.

You can follow Riana's blog at, and join her on Facebook ( and Twitter (@RianaEverly). She loves meeting readers!


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  1. Now I am wondering about Lord Stanton


    1. Stanton is certainly an interesting character. He has his fingers in a lot of pies.

  2. Oh so it will the 3 of them in concert about this. Such a nice team!!! (Love the Colonel)

    Thank you for the excerpt

    1. The three work well together. But do you think Darcy will get jealous of his cousin?

  3. This is reeling me in, even more. I am looking forward to reading it.
    Thank you for the excerpt. skamper25 (at) gmail (dot) com